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The Very Best Makeup Products for Your Skin

Makeup is an art form, a representation of individuality and freedom of expression. It is used to correct flaws and to enhance the natural beauty of a person which helps an individual in presenting themselves in society with confidence.

It's easy to get overwhelmed when there are so many different cosmetic products and formulations to select from, as well as the ongoing changes in design and trends. We can attain the look we want and get the most out of our makeup as long as we understand the basics and know what each product can genuinely do for us.

Types of Makeup

Primer Foundation Concealer

Powder Blush Contour

Bronzer Highlighter


Primers are silky smooth gels and creams that fill in the lines and pores on your face, smoothing out uneven textures and creating the ideal canvas for your makeup. This helps your makeup to last longer.

Using primer truly depends on an individual’s preference. If your foundation goes fine without a primer throughout the day, you can choose to forgo this step. However, if you are looking for long-lasting power and a smoother canvas for your makeup, adding primer as the start of your makeup routine is the way to go.

How to choose the right primer?

Not all primers work for all skin types. It has different types that target various skin concerns while doing its job to create a smooth base for your makeup. So if you’re wondering which primer to use, here’s a guide that will help you to pick what suits your needs:

If you have dry skin, look for hydrating primers. It ensures that your skin is deeply nourished as this primer is enriched with moisturizing and skin-loving ingredients that help in reducing the appearance of flakiness and dry patches of your makeup throughout the day.

If you have oily skinchoose a mattifying or oil-free primer. These reduce shine and control sebum as they have oil-absorbent ingredients. Since oily skin tends to also have larger pores, you can also look for pore minimizing primer.

If you want a radiant finishlook for an illuminating primer. It contains glimmering particles that give your skin a bonus of luminosity while giving you a smooth canvas to work with. Perfect for those who have dull skin.

If you have dullness, redness, or hyperpigmentationyou can use a color-correcting primer. It helps in neutralizing uneven skin tone and has different shades that target the different issues of the skin, from toning down redness to brightening up dullness.

Green primer: Neutralizes redness found on the skin whether it is from acne or rosacea. Apply only on the red areas. Purple primer: Eliminates unwanted yellow undertones and illuminates light to medium skin tones. For radiant effect, mix a pea-sized amount of this primer in your foundation.

Pink primer: Adds luminosity to every skin tone which makes your complexion look healthier.

Yellow primer: This is great if your complexion is too fair to hide little blood vessels that appear purple and blue beneath the surface of the skin, especially around your eye area. Peach or Apricot primer: It can disguise the look of dark spots by dabbing the primer on the areas of concern, allowing you to look like you have a clearer complexion. If you have a deeper skin tone, use apricot or a more orange-toned primer.

If you have multiple spots to neutralize, there are also color-correcting palettes available.

How to apply primer?

Primer is applied after your skincare as the first step of your makeup routine. You can use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply a thin layer to your skin. Wait for the primer to set before applying the foundation.

When layering products, check if your primer is compatible with your moisturizer and foundation to avoid piling of products that could lead to a cakey look. Always give each layer a time to set or dry before applying the next product.

Source: Catriona Gray's Miss Universe Makeup Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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