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Bringing back Colors and Dimension

Posted by Edge

We are all born with different facial features. Some people have a good amount of cheekbones, and the nose is the foundation. Some people have long jaws and thin lips that give you that Hollywood look. We can't change our facial features, but we can adjust them to become more attractive.

When it comes to makeup, there are different tools and techniques you can use depending on the look you're trying to achieve. A combination of makeup, contour, bronzer, blush, and highlighter, can be used together or separately to create and achieve different styles and looks.



Contouring is usually done with a darker color that’s applied to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and around your hairline. It creates the illusion of a more defined bone structure and can help you appear thinner by giving you more angles. It is ideal for those who want their face to look slightly more angular or have more definition in the cheeks and jawline.

Since every person is unique, different contour techniques are also used for different face shapes.

The brown part is where you would apply the contour.

if you don't have much experience with it, start slow! Use just a little bit of bronzer at first; then gradually increase how much you use as you get more comfortable with the technique.

Here are some products that you can use to sculpt that face:

Silky and modular powder with extreme comfort and immediate writing to outline the contours of the face.
*How to use: Apply to the face, blending well to obtain a uniform result.

Two shades in a single beauty ritual to sculpt your face and harmonise contours. Sublime results!.
*How to use: Apply the fair shade-like concealer from the inner corner of the eye out towards the temples. Apply the dark shade like a cream blush from the hollows of the temples to the cheekbone. Use a brush to blend, or use your fingertips.

It Illuminates and brightens the face. This contouring palette features four powder shades to enhance features and create dimension for a flawless look. Whether softly subtle or more dramatically chiseled, these blendable and buildable formulas allow you to create a customized contour statement, day or night, that’s all your own.
*How to use:

Contour: Darker shades create the illusion of slimming features to sculpt and define. Choose a contour shade and apply it along cheekbones, hairline, sides of nose, and jawline.

Highlight: Lighter shades illuminate and brighten. Apply matte highlight to the middle of the forehead, brow bones, upper cheekbones, down the center of the nose, the bow of the lip, and the center of the chin. Lightly dust shimmer over matte highlight for added luminosity.

Blend: Lightly blend highlight and contour areas together for a seamless, natural look

You can apply and blend the following products using:

The first ergonomically designed non-disposable sponge applicator that allows you to flawlessly apply your makeup. It's designed to be cleaned with its partner Blendercleanser, making it super eco-friendly. It comes with an instruction disc so you can quickly master your application technique.
*How to use: Simply wet. Squeeze. Bounce your way to makeup perfection!

A perfectly sized and versatile brush that turns contouring the cheek or jawline into child's play.
*How to use: Using this brush to apply facade to the cheek for a beautiful, airbrushed look.

A large, flat structured, artistry brush with densely packed bristles. Ideal for achieving targeted contouring along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.
*How to use: Use with Bodyography Cream Blush for a natural flush that will last all day. Apply in soft circular motions until desired warmth is achieved. Use a dark matte powder to contour the cheekbones from center of the ear to the corner of the mouth.

Has a tapered edge that's perfect for product placement and flattering facial definition. Use this brush to apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter, or for contouring.
*How to use: Best used for application of highlight and contour powder, and blush. The tapered tip fits perfectly into the contours of the face for easy and precise application.


Bronzing is the art of adding color to your face to give it warmth and dimension. Bronzing powders are typically translucent or semi-opaque in color, which means they won’t look cakey if applied correctly.

It is a great way to enhance your complexion and make your skin look radiant.

To bronze your face, start by brushing bronzer along your hairline on the forehead. Then follow this shape down to where it forms a “handle” around your cheekbones. Swipe color on your cheeks, then blend back again to shade under your jawline. Once applied, your bronzer should be blended in sweeping circular motions to avoid harsh lines or splotches.

The key with bronzer is not to go overboard—it should look like you have a natural glow, not like someone just slapped some sand on your face! It’s important to note that bronzing powder looks best when it’s applied with a large, fluffy brush, not a small detail brush like those used for blush application.

So take it easy with the bronzer powder and build up slowly until you get the desired effect that works for you.

Here are some bronzers that you can use to make your skin look radiant:

Delivers a triple threat of radiant cheek color. Enclosed find pressed blush, bronzer, and highlighter to create a subtle highlight on the skin, a flush of color, or a sun-kissed glow with a super silky texture. An innovative compact that includes every shade needed for glowing skin. Use each shade separately for bronzer, blush, and highlight or eyeshadow, or swirl your brush into the entire compact and sweep onto cheeks for a natural flush of color and illumination.

The elegant terracotta powder perfectly adapts to the skin, conceals minor flaws, and gives you a beautiful holiday tan in a flash – as if you had spent a wonderful day at the beach.
*How to use: Depending on the desired intensity, apply Sunsation over the whole face, as a blusher or to accentuate individual parts of the face and bod.

A bronzer that gives a natural-looking sun-kissed glow.
*How to use: Lightly apply Ultra Bronzer on the apples of the cheeks, the chin, and the temple - exactly where the sun would hit the face. Apply Ultra Bronzer before blush as applying it after will change the blush's color. Use Brushed Sable as a contour on darker skin. It's a great shade for dark olive skin and women of color and can do double duty as a pressed powder.

Create a warm, sun-kissed glow, with one universally flattering shade while protecting and brightening skin tone over time.
*How to use: Shake well before use. Dispense one or two drops onto fingertips, rub them together and gently pat them onto the upper forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.


Blush is applied on top of the foundation and pressed into the apples of your cheeks for added natural-looking color. Blush colors are typically in a range of pinks, corals, and peaches but you can also find brownish-orange shades that work well with deeper skin tones. Some people prefer blushes with shimmer while others prefer matte finishes so it’s important to try out different types until you find the right one for your skin type!

There is no actual rule on how to apply your blush. But, there are some techniques you can use that can compliment your facial feature depending on your face shape.

Make sure you're using enough product so the blush can be visible but not too much so that you look like a clown. You want to go for a natural glow here—not full-blown color!

Here are some products that you can use to achieve that pretty flushed look:

A pale pink powder blush that sculpts the face, to give a 'healthy glow' to the complexion.
*How to use: The best way to apply T.LeClerc’s blush is with T.LeClerc’s PIN2 slanted brush.

Tip: smile like you’re about to have your picture taken. This will make it easier to apply the blush correctly. You can use the blush in a number of ways to achieve different effects: For a fresh, dewy complexion, apply a pinkish shade to the centre of your cheekbones and blend outwards. For a healthy glow, choose a warmer shade and brush it from the temples toward the front of the face

A vibrant watermelon shade creamy blush that is a go-to for an instant, dewy flush for cheeks.
*How to use: Blend color onto cheeks using fingers or blush brush.

Get a golden, lit-from-within glow with jane iredale's Glow Time Blush Stick.


  • Buildable, blendable colour payoff with a radiant golden finish.
  • Natural, streak-free application.
  • Ideal for on-the-go applications or touch-ups.
  • May be used on the cheek, lips, and body.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil hydrates and smooths the skin.
*How to use: Apply to apples of cheeks and blend toward the temple for a radiant glow.

A red wine shade unique silicone-based gel-to-powder cream blush that sets with a natural glow and can also use for lips too.
*How to use: Blend over the face and lips to achieve the desired look.

Adds an instant and healthy profusion of a natural-looking flush of color. Visibly evens and brightens to accentuate the appearance of prominent cheeks.
*How to use: Shake well before use. Apply one to three dots on the apple of the cheeks and gently pat while blending in a lifting, upward motion towards the hairline.

You can use the following to apply your brush:

This beveled and natural bristle brush will perfectly match your face. You will be able to easily give your face areas of shade and light for a natural result. Fitted with high-quality natural goat hair, this brush is the perfect tool for precise blush application. Its beveled shape perfectly follows the contours of the face to ensure even application.
*How to use: Remove the material and apply it directly to the cheekbones. For an even more uniform application, apply your blush with the brush after the powder so that your blush glides more easily on your face.

A must-have for all beauty fans: large brush with soft and full natural bristles for applying and blending blusher. The premium quality goat’s hair evenly distributes the color and thus provides a very natural finish – from subtle to more accentuated. The slanted shape perfectly fits the cheekbones and feels wonderful on the skin.
*How to use: Pick up some blusher by dabbing the brush with product. Brush surplus blusher on to the back of the hand. For an accentuated effect suck the cheeks in and distribute the blusher below the cheekbones from bottom to top in the direction of the ears. Blend transitions with powder.

Perfect for contouring the face or adding a dash of color to the apples of the cheeks.
*How to use: Use with Bodyography Cream Blush for a natural flush that will last all day. Apply in soft circular motions until desired warmth is achieved. Use a dark matte powder to contour the cheekbones from the center of the ear to the corner of the mouth.

A compact multi-tasker that allows for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day to deliver a stunning, streak-free look.
*How to use: Wet the sponge for a dewier finish, or use it dry to flaunt a matte look. For seamless foundation application, apply a small amount of product directly to the rounded end of the sponge and stipple all over the face before blending.


A highlighter can be used for a number of different things, but its main function is to give you that "lit from within" glow that everyone loves. It helps accentuate the contours of your face and makes it look like you've been kissed by an angel. It also helps create dimension and build structure when used in combination with other products.

Highlighting is a great way to brighten your skin tone and make you look more awake and vibrant.  Highlighter can be used to draw attention to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. It can also be used as an eye shadow to highlight the brow bone.

Although highlighters come in many shades, they typically have a soft or shimmery finish that makes them easy to apply as well as blend into your skin.

Here are some products that can help you achieve that glow and vibrant look:

Enhance cheeks, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose with Colorescience Champagne Kiss Illuminator. Instant, natural radiance.
*How to use: Truly a unique diffuser, that can be used to lighten redness on the hands, neck, chest, and face. Works as a traditional highlighter along the bridge of the nose or under the eyebrows.

Buildable and blendable, the creamy formula delivers a natural, streak-free application for a beautiful color payoff and a radiant pearl finish. Ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. May be used on cheeks, lips, and body.
*How to use: Apply to high points of the face to add light and illuminate.

A natural plant peptides firm skin while plant collagen fights signs of aging by strengthening skin structure. Apply to brow bone, inner corners of eyes, or cheeks, for a naturally lifted and lit-from-within-look.
*How to use: Apply to brow bone, cheeks, inner corners of the eye, or anywhere you wish to illuminate and lift.

Designed with light-reflecting pigment pearls, dewy, liquid-gel highlighter adds subtle luminosity and definition for skin that looks naturally glowing. The sheer, blendable formula ensures a seamless application as the skin-improving ingredients such as Vitamin C Ester visibly improve dullness and discoloration over time.
*How to use: Shake well before use. Apply one to two dots along the upper cheeks, the upper brow area, or the tip of the nose, and gently press into the skin to accentuate and create definition.


Makeup is about more than just looking good. It's about feeling good about yourself and being confident in your own skin. We encourage you to explore all of these different makeup techniques to create a variety of makeup looks so that you can determine what works well with your features and develop your own personal style. Once you master the art of makeup, you can easily enhance and highlight your natural beauty which can make you feel more confident and fabulous with your look


Source: Nina Ubhi | Makeup 101: Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter

PureBronze Shimmer Bronzer Refill - Copper Dusk
4 Shades


EnviroScreen Protection BRUSH-ON Shield SPF50 - Glow


Ultra Sheer PRO - Champagne


Powder Highlighter - Champagne
2 Shades


Highlighter Trio - Gold
2 Shades


Skin Glow Powder Highlighter -  Champagne
3 Shades


GrandeGLOW - Bronze Beam


Glow Time Highlighter Stick - Cosmos
3 Shades


Glow Up Highlighter


Loose Shimmer Powder - Light Catcher
2 Shades


Ultra Sheer - Bronze
4 Shades


Highlight Powder Duo






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