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Top Beauty Secret in Beating Pollution Revealed

Jul 12th, 2018 
Posted By Dianne
The beauty industry evolves with new products, technologies and trends coming out every month. Lately, we have noticed that more brands are developing anti-pollution formulas in order to protect the skin against environmental stressors. Especially now that climate change is almost affecting everything and might cause severe damage even to our skin, it is time to upgrade and focus on our skincare routine. But what is the top beauty secret to beat pollution? How does it work and where to find it?


You may not be aware yet but the best anti-pollutants are none other than antioxidants. Our skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays, is more prone to oxidation which occurs throughout nature when free radicals or unstable molecules start to harm the skins cellular structures. To fight oxidative stress, Antioxidants give electrons to the free radicals in order to neutralize them. Known to many, Antioxidants work best in counteracting the natural aging process which results in reduced wrinkles and less fine lines. They can also help in repairing skin damage and fixing uneven skin tone. Worry not for you can easily find antioxidants in the food you eat and in most skincare formulations that are available in the market today. But aside from using anti-pollution skincare products, it is important to know two of the best routines in taking care of your skin.

01. Always Cleanse Well 
Healthy skin begins with clean skin. Airborne pollutants will not cause immediate damage if you cleanse your skin well before applying makeup or layering a certain product. A great cleansing routine should be followed to remove impurities and harmful particles. Start by choosing a gentle cleanser without harsh ingredients to prevent irritation and maintain your skins natural oil. We recommend having your face cleansed twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime.

02. Make SPF Your BFF
Wearing a sunscreen packed with antioxidants can go a long way in protecting your skin against sun damage. Great formulations are being offered today with the dual benefits of anti-aging and anti-pollution. Remember to choose a lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen with the right SPF suitable for your skin tone.

Even if we live in a rural country breathing in fresh, clean air each day, we are still exposed to pollution from the time we stepped out and what more is that the damage it might cause to our skin is practically inevitable. But with the rise of anti-pollution skincare products, we become more aware of what to use in order to beat harsh environmental aggressors or skin irritants around our surroundings. Still, we have to carefully check the anti-pollution formulations that we choose to use. The most potent antioxidants today are Vitamins C & E, Resveratrol, and Green Tea.

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