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Correct Skin Imperfection

Jan 11th, 2018 
Posted By Dianne

As the days become dull and dreary, the cold weather can take a toll on your skin. Not only it becomes dry and pale, certain imperfections will start to bother you. From having breakouts to getting irritations, these skin concerns will surely make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can prevent them from coming by knowing the right thing to do.

Below are the top 3 skin imperfections that you can still avoid:

Some may still think that the common causes of acne are stress, oily food and lack of sleep but the main culprit is sebum which is an oily substance produced by the skins sebaceous glands in pores. This will result in clogged pores that will trigger an acne to appear when hair follicles under the skin clog up. Break up with breakouts the right way by updating your skincare routine.


STEP 1: CLEANSE: Detoxify and refresh your face from dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue with the help of an oil, foam or gel cleanser to wash away impurities that can cause bacteria buildup on the skin. 


STEP 2: EXFOLIATE: Gently exfoliate using a facial brush and a mild formula to avoid disruption of your skins natural barrier. 


STEP 3: TREAT: Clear up pimples faster by including a spot treatment in your skincare regimen. Look for one with 5 % benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur or zinc oxide.

STEP 4: PEEL: Feel a fresher skin with a mini peel. Breathe new life to your skin even at home by getting a mini peel that refreshes and safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.


This common skin condition is not quite serious but still can cause discomfort and unsightly appearance. Lack of moisture is the major cause of skin dryness which means that the epidermis lost the appropriate amount of water needed to maintain its smoothness. Relieve skin from dryness by following below steps.


ALWAYS MOISTURIZE: Keep your skin hydrated using a daily moisturizer and a replenishing night cream which will seal the skin to retain water and moisture for long hours.


LIMIT SHOWERTIME: Bathe in a lukewarm water or take a warm shower for about 10 minutes or less to prevent the skin from extreme dryness.


AVOID HARSH PRODUCTS: Most soaps formulated to remove oil can strip moisture from your skin. Instead, try using gentle skin cleansers, cleansing creams or shower gels with moisturizing ingredients.


COVER UP: Cold weather can drastically cause your skin to dry. Be sure to wear thick clothes and gloves to protect your skin.


Wrinkles are natural part of aging. There are many factors that contribute to the faster appearance of wrinkles on the skin depending on your lifestyle and environment. Regular smoking, heavy sun exposure, and even genetics can cause wrinkles. Wave goodbye to aging skin and prevent wrinkles from coming by following below tips to achieve younger-looking skin.


SUNSCREEN YOUR SKIN: Ultraviolet rays can speed up the process of elastin fiber and collagen loss resulting to wrinkles. Avoid staying under the sun for long hours and more importantly, protect your skin by using sunblock with at least SPF 15. 


RECOVER WITH RETINOL: Use a skincare product that has retinol or Vitamin A which refines the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and repairs eyelid crepiness by increasing the production of collagen.


STAY MOISTURIZED: Make your skin healthy inside and out by getting enough moisture through the use of cream, serum, gel or lotion that has replenishing ingredients, promotes collagen production and fights dryness.



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