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How to Repair Dry, Frizzy Hair After Summer

Posted By Diane
Did the summer heat take a toll on your hair? Dont fret for you can still bring your tresses back to life this fall. With carefree sun-filled activities, unfortunately, comes post-summer hair damage. The culprits? No other than chlorine, salt water, humidity and the sun which all contribute in making the hair look dry, frizzy and brittle. Here, we rounded up the ways you can do to bring back your good hair days for the new season.
Problem: Dry Hair
Symptoms: Brittleness, lifeless look
Culprit: Saltwater or chlorine
Since summer is about beach vacation and pool party, we all love to take a dip to get some relief from the heat. But the fun stops when the saltwater or the chlorine from the pool start ruining your hair. The salt water may be less damaging to the hair but the chlorinated pool water which contains harsh chemicals strip the natural oils and moisture of our hair. You may not notice it at first until your hair feels dry and look lifeless in the next days.

There is a lot of salon treatments you can choose from but this Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Collection can do all the work for you. This exclusive, 100% vegan total wellness kit is the ultimate tune-up tool for keeping your hair in tip-top shape especially for swimmers to help you look and feel your best both in and out of the pool. It is undeniably popular for it nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair while preventing damage and discoloration caused by exposure to pool, spa or ocean water. It will help in restoring your hairs manageability and vibrancy while replenishing lost moisture to add unmatched shine, flow and movement for your hair.
Problem: Frizzy Hair
Symptoms: Roughness, flyaways
Culprit: Humidity
When you feel like your tresses no longer look the same and frizzy flyaways show up when you brush those curls, you know its time to diss humidity in order to fight frizz. Aside from overwashing, the air condition also continues to frizzy hair. The gaps and tears allow the hair to absorb too much water, which can cause frizz, tangles, and even color loss on color-treated hair. As a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy instead of smooth and defined. In general, curly hair tends to have more frizz than straight hair.

Tame frizzy hair quickly with Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield, a weightless solution that blocks humidity, prevents and corrects the first signs of frizz. Powered by the brands patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) plus smoothing emollients, this silicone-free hairspray can truly protect your tresses against humidity up to 6x more while delivering weightless protection without build-up, so it won't deflate your style. It is also safe for color and chemically treated hair.
  • Conditioner Anti Frizz


  • No Frizz Glistening Milk


  • Conditioner for Dry Hair with Lavender and Avocado


  • Swimmers Wellness Collection


  • Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo


  • Creme Regeneratrice Conditioner for Dry Hair


  • Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair


  • Acai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm


  • No Frizz Humidity Shield
    2 Sizes

    $15.00 to $23.00

  • CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo


  • Feed Your Sunshine Hair Treatment Serum



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